For the Private Sector

KFAS provides a number of programs for the private sector that aims to develop human capital and research within enterprises. We fund research and seminars that help identify obstacles and devise solutions to Kuwait’s economic challenges, we offer capacity-building innovation training programs for private sector employees and we facilitate collaboration with international institutions to enhance business development and research to further transform Kuwait’s economy into a knowledge-based economy.

KFAS sponsors events and activities of industry union’s shareholding companies and SME’s that focus on the latest international STI topics and management best-practices introducing new trends and ideas into Kuwait.

We work to support the growth of the privates sector's scientific and technological capacities and to play a key role in the construction of a knowledge based economy. One way of achieving this is through the organization of special events aimed at helping private sector participants to develop their scientific, technology, innovation and management capacities. Such events include conferences, workshops or discussion panels, which we either conduct on our own or in partnership with other organizations.

How to Apply

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