Training & Development

Private sector

Our training and development programs are aimed at delivering high caliber, knowledge enhancing activities for improving business productivity and competitiveness within the private sector. The training activities, which are funded by KFAS, allow exposure to the finest examples of best practice and provide opportunities to meet, learn and exchange knowledge and experiences at a local and international level.

Contracted Training for Private Sector

KFAS provides funding for local training of employees of contributing companies as well as for unions


Decision-Making Strategies under Risk and Uncertainty Workshop

A Harvard Executive Training program aimed developing the innovative capacity of the private sector.


Other Executive Education International Programs

Register your company to nominate your employees to attend executive education programs in leading institutes worldwide. In an effort to enable the innovative capacity of the private sector, executive education fellowships are offered to Kuwaiti decision makers in the private sector for them to better understand, manage and implement Kuwait’s future business policies and infrastructure.


KFAS Innovation Challenge

This activity is designed for senior top and middle management -down to department manager level-and future leaders in private sector companies defined as per the KFAS approved strategy to help their organizations increase management capacity within science, technology and innovation.


Open Enrollment Programs

The program, intorduced in 2014, constitutes several workshops that aim to encourage the Kuwaiti private sector to embrace innovation. In the first year of the program, more than 100 employees attended the workshops, representing a wide range of industries from across the private sector. The program emphasizes a hands-on approach to inspiring innovative thinking and creative problem solving


Individual Training Grants

KFAS offers grants to private sector employees who wish to enroll in training programs