Research Support

To establish a true knowledge-based culture and economy, KFAS funds research that facilitates the development of the scientific, technological and innovation capacity across the private and public sectors. Below is a list of our research funding programs:

International Collaborative Research: Kuwait-MIT

CNRE fosters collaborative research activities between MIT, Kuwait University (KU) and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) through the establishment of two programs designed with different scope and funding levels, one focusing on exploratory research and the other on signature research.

International Collaborative Research: LSE

New Research will be funded for the Programme which will involve post-doctoral researches and Ph.D. students, and modest funding for interdisciplinary research about regional and global issues related to Kuwait and/or the Gulf States.

International Collaborative Research: Sciences Po

Joint research projects are funded by the Kuwait Program at Sciences Po to foster scientific links between faculty members at Sciences Po and in Kuwait, building a unique research network. Research projects, which may take different forms, may be presented jointly by a faculty member from a university in Kuwait and a faculty member from Sciences Po.

International Exchange Program: Kuwait-MIT

The Center offers fellowships intended to foster collaborative research by providing scientists and scholars from Kuwait, with demonstrated track record, an opportunity to visit with their counterparts at MIT. Fellowship recepients are appointed as Visiting Scientists at MIT.

International Exchange Program: LSE

The Kuwait Programme on Development, Governance and Globalisation in the Gulf States is a ten year multidisciplinary global research programme. It funds systematic and practical enquiry into fundamental questions in the social sciences of relevance to the GCC

Research Grants

KFAS aims to promote an effective Kuwaiti scientific research community by increasing Kuwait’s research capacity and Supporting high-quality research by providing different grant sizes to cater to the research projects. KFAS also promotes national and international collaborative research which lead to the establishment of outreach activities.

In-house Research & Development for Private Sector

This program focuses on collaborative funding to promote in-house research and development for the advancement of Science, Technology ,Innovation in large enterprises. 

Commission Studies for Private Sector

KFAS commissions studies focusing on the development of new programs and activities, building awareness, information dissemination, market studies -supporting best practices.

Innovation Research Voucher (IRV) for Private Sector

This program co-funds research of shareholding SMEs. It aims to support and develop their technology, innovation and management capabilities.

Expert Solutions for Enterprise (ESE) -Private Sector

This program offers the private sector the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of local universities, and to remove the barriers and bridge the gap between academia and industry.