The Programme focuses on seven broad research themes: Kuwait and the Gulf in the shifting global economy; massive capital flows, sovereign wealth funds; carbon-heavy, resource-rich economic development; health care and social welfare provision in Kuwait, and health system innovation more generally; education and human capital development in Kuwait; water and resource management, and urban form, geography, and sustainability. 

The Programme organises public lectures, seminars and workshops, produces an acclaimed working paper series, publishes essays, supports post-doctoral researchers and PhD students and develops academic networks between the LSE and Gulf institutions.

Components of the Programme:

The Kuwait Professorship of Economics and International Development:

This position was occupied by Prof. Tim Besley (2007 – 2011), Prof. Danny Quah (2012 – 2014) where the program shifted from supporting research papers to long-term research projects, then by Prof. Toby Dodge since October 2014. The Kuwait Professor will exercise a leadership role in advancing the academic goals of The Kuwait Programme through his work and will advise on the best use of resources to promote the goals of the Programme.  He will also take a first-hand interest in key issues affecting the economic development of resource rich economies, particularly the Gulf States as well bringing recognition of Kuwait to prestigious academic and policy-making circles around the world.

The Kuwait Research Programme on Development, Governance and Globalisation in the Gulf States:

This Programme is hosted in LSE’s prestigious interdisciplinary Centre for the Study of Global Governance.  The focus of this multidisciplinary programme will include topics such as globalization, economic development, diversification of and challenges facing resource rich economies, trade relations between the Gulf States and major trading partners, e.g. Europe, Asia, USA, energy trading, security and migration. This Programme will fund the following modalities:

  • Research: New Research will be funded for the Programme which will involve post-doctoral researches and Ph.D. students, and modest funding for interdisciplinary research about regional and global issues related to Kuwait and/or the Gulf States. 
  • Academic Networks: Focus on the academic development of Kuwait and Gulf States universities through research networks established between Kuwait, the Gulf States and the UK, which will include short-duration visiting exchange professorships between LSE, Kuwait University and other Higher Education and Research Institutions in the Gulf and graduate students from these institutions.
  • Seminars Series: will be held at LSE, Kuwait University and other Higher Education and Research Institutions throughout the Gulf, where research findings can be shared with a wider academic and policy-making audience. 
  • Biennial Kuwait Conference: held every other year and alternating between Kuwait and a major Gulf States city or London to establish a prestigious and consistent forum for addressing major issues facing Kuwait and the Gulf States.

For more information about the Kuwait Programme at LSE:

Contact:  Professor Toby Dodge - Kuwait Professor and Director of the Kuwait Programme

Ian Sinclair - Administrator  


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