The mission of the Center is to bring scientists, students, and researchers to foster collaborations in research and education in the areas of Energy, Water and the Environment between MIT and research institutions in Kuwait. CNRE sponsors a number of programs including grants to support collaborative research, and visitor exchange programs for Visiting Students, Visiting Scientists, and Postdoctoral Fellows.

Components of CNRE’s Program:

Kuwait-MIT Collaborative Research Initiatives:

  • CNRE fosters collaborative research activities between MIT, Kuwait University (KU) and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) through the establishment of two programs designed with different scope and funding levels, one focusing on exploratory research and the other on signature research:
  • Signature Projects: These are large scale collaborative projects involving key institutions in Kuwait and aiming to build national capacity in priority research areas. Funded research is focused on Kuwait’s environment needs and brings practical solutions to real life problems by involving local scientific and academic expertise in scientific research that will benefit and improve the private and public sectors.
  • Exploratory Projects: CNRE will provide funding for up to five new early-stage research annually. Relevant topics of high importance to Kuwait will be suggested as research themes every year.

Kuwait-MIT Scholarly Exchange Fellowships and Summer Research Internships:

The Center offers scholars and outstanding students from Kuwait an opportunity to visit and work at MIT through the following visiting programs:

  • Summer Research Internship: This is internship program is designed for prospective and highly qualified Kuwaiti students who wish to work on research opportunities at MIT during the summer. 
  • Scholarly Exchange Fellowship: This is a fellowship program designed for scientists and scholars from Kuwaiti institutions who wish to conduct independent research on topics of interest to the Center 

Kuwait Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research at MIT:

  • The program provides outstanding Kuwaiti researchers who have recently earned a doctorate the opportunity to conduct independent research in advanced scientific and technological areas at MIT, under the supervision of MIT faculty members. Successful candidates are selected based on their demonstrated academic achievements, clarity of goals, strong interest, and commitment to push the frontiers of knowledge of their disciplines.

Kuwait – M.I.T. Center Forum:

  • A series of events addressing significant achievements and developments in Kuwait and the region with a focus on research in renewable energy, clean sustainable environment, and natural resources protection.

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