Kuwait Prize

Aimed at recognizing the lifetime achievements of Arab scientists across the globe, this prestigious prize has grown in stature ever since its introduction in 1979. The Kuwait Prize covers 5 main categories, and provided a prize value of KD 30,000 for each winner. In 2014, the value has been revised and increased to KD 40,000 by the Board‘s decision, effective as of 2015.

The Kuwait Prize has seen a recent surge of applications with almost double the amount of entries of previous years, this is due to the increased interest in the prize, the selection of the prize topics and the widening of the outreach network.

 The Kuwait prize is awarded in five fields, four of these fields are announced annually (Basic Sciences, Applied Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences, Art and literature), and the fifth field which is (Arabic and Islamic Scientific Heritage) is announced every third year. The topics of the fields are subject to change annually.

For each field, each winner receives a cash sum of K.D. 40,000 (forty thousand Kuwaiti Dinars) approx. $ 130,000 (one hundred thirty thousand U.S. Dollars), a gold medal, a KFAS shield and a certificate of recognition to one or more of the citizens of Kuwait and other Arab countries.

Selection process:

Applicants are evaluated through three committees, which formed by Prizes council as follows:

  1. Search and Nomination Committee: The task of this committee is to nominate Arab scholars and researchers in the topic of the field, to examine all applicants’ works after the closing date of the prize, and to prepare a short list of candidates who fulfill the criteria and the conditions of the Prize.
  2. Evaluation Committee: The task of this committee is to evaluate the short list of candidates suggested by the search and nomination committee. The scientific production of all candidates will be sent to each committee member without convening in Kuwait. A detailed report on each candidate is to be submitted by each member based on the criteria and conditions of the Prize.
  3. Selection Committee: The task of this committee is to review the evaluation committee members’ reports and forward appropriate recommendation of the winner to the Prizes council and Board of Directors for final endorsement.

Conditions and requirements:

  1. The applicant must be from an Arab nationality and have a proof of an Arab origin either a birth certificate or a valid passport from an Arab country. A copy of the birth certificate or passport should be attached along with the submitted application.
  2. The work submitted should be innovative, significant in the announced field, and published during the past twenty years. Submitted work may include papers published or accepted for publication in refereed journals and books with ISBN number (authored, translated, edited, and chapter in a book). Masters or PhD theses shall not be evaluated as part of the aapplicant’s scientific work.
  3. KFAS will consider nominations from universities, academic and research institutions, scientific centers, past recipients of the prizes and peers of the nominees.
  4. KFAS will accept self-nominations. To support self-nominations, applicants should provide a list of five references: four academics/researchers and one scientific organization. KFAS will seek out support letters from three of these references.
  5. KFAS decisions concerning the prizes are final and objections are not accepted.
  6. Applicants must fill in the prize application form and send it along with the submitted work electronically. The application form is obtained from the website (www.kfas.org). The application form along with comprehensive scientific achievements should be sent in PDF format, either via USB memory stick addressed to:

Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences - Al sharq, Ahmed Al-Jaber St., Kuwait - Tel: (+965) 22270465

Or through the cloud, storage services sites such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive or via the Prizes Offices email: prize@kfas.org.kw