Kuwait eContent Award

  • Kuwait eContent Award:

In line with our objectives to encourage progress in the field of information technology, the Kuwait eContent Award was launched in 2008.

The goal was to encourage the production of local electronic content that adds value to

society in line with international standards. The award is held in collaboration with the World Summit Award (WSA). The winners of the Kuwait eContent Award are qualified for the (WSA) International competition and the Arab eContent Award competition.

The award scheme recognizes excellence in 8 categories, with a total prize of KD 50,000 that is spread across 3 ranks in each category.

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Project terms and condition:

- The work must be a product entirely by hand Kuwaiti Kuwaiti or individual .

- Taking into account the customs and traditions and customs Kuwaiti , but Aidao are racist , sectarian or whatever is contrary to etiquette , and other unwanted substances .

- Participation is open to any project , whether belonging to individuals or associations of public benefit or businesses or government official bodies , as long as the Kuwaiti It is the producer of the project - mail .

- Will only accept full projects , and excludes unfinished business that is still in its experimental stages .

- Images , audio files and content used in the participating works must adhere to intellectual property rights, and use should be legal .

- Must be handed over five copies of the project if it is software.

* All materials for the project which is delivered to manage the prize for completing the registration process is kept by the award in the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science for reference only and according to the conditions of the International Prize for informational WSA, and remains the intellectual property rights of the owner of the entire project .

With the exception of electronic devices such as computers and other portable devices, where it is returned to the owner of the project after the end of the session the Registrar , with the company retaining the rest of the materials for the project.