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Optimizing Dairy Farming Practice in Kuwait Dairy and Food Establishment

Kuwait Dairy and Food Establishment and Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences

Kuwait Dairy and Food Establishment (KDFE) audited the dairy farm practice to find the possible and visible solutions for improving the performance of dairy farming in order to gain more profit from the business.  This solution was supported with evidence and cost benefit analysis (feasibility study) to convince the decision makers of the value of the research in impacting the performance of the dairy farms.  Hidden potential profits have been made visible and could be converted into real profit by carrying out the formulated business plan and steps of improvement. This would be an advantage for the whole dairy sector.  The new business model and developed practice needed professional and highly educated human resources for the job vacancies.

1.  A Brief Description About the Company

KDFE was established in 1961 as a dairy farm and milk processing plant.  In 1978, the milk processing plant closed and the farm remained as one of the main milk producing farms in
Kuwait. The company supplies the local market by providing its products to Kuwait Dairy Company (KDCOW) processing factory.

2.  What was the problem you were trying to solve?

The main problem is the low profitability in the farm level, which prevented any research and development. KDFE approached KFAS to help in conducting this research to find if there are any opportunities to develop the company’s operations and if thesedevelopments are economically feasible.

3.  How did KFAS help you with your project? 

KFAS has co-funded the research and development study. KDFE would not have spent on research and development mission without KFAS’s help. 

4.  How did you find out about KFAS and the co-funding program? 

KDFE first approached Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, whom advised the company to go directly to KFAS.

5.  What was the science, technology, and innovation solution? 

KDFE had developed a new business model which is based on science and technology. The technology proposed helped the company reduce the consumption of raw materials and resulted in increasing its profitability with less impact on its environment.

6.  Working with the research institution

Experts from the Netherlands along with their intern fellow researchers had visited KDFE in three different time periods.  After each visit they made structured plans and task oriented
jobs and delivered it to the intern researchers along with the farm team. The interns and the farm team collected the data and sent them to the experts in Netherlands to be analysed.

7.  Project Impact

The fruits of this collaboration are new business and implementation plans to improve the current practice. Knowledge has also been transferred from the interns to the farm team during their stay.

8.  As a result of this project, are you likely to invest further in research & development? 

During this research and intellectual interactions with the experts, KDFE had discovered new technologies that could be implemented in the farm. These technologies had been developed and used in many parts of the world but never in Kuwait.  The company would like to do another study to adopt and use those new advanced technologies in Kuwait for the first time.  These are expected to increase the efficiency of data collection and reduce the loss by enhancing the diagnosis of animal needs before they are converted into a problem.

9.  Would you like to re-apply to a KFAS program? 


10.  Would you recommend KFAS programs to other companies? 

Yes, you will be working with a very cheerful, open minded and respectful team in Enteprise Support Program. When you visit them you feel welcomed, supported and part of their family.  Thank you all.

Funding Information 

This project was co-funded by the Innovation & Enterprise Directorate, Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences to support in-house R&D for the development of Science, Technology and Innovation in Kuwait Dairy and Food Establishment.

Dr. Lobna Okashah
Program Manager - Enterprise Support & Technology Transfer
Innovation & Enterprise Directorate
Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences
Tel: +965 22278100, Ext: 1872
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