The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies is a recognized independent Centre of the University of Oxford.  Its unique multidisciplinary expertise allows it to examine the economics, the politics and the sociology of energy with a focus on oil and natural gas.  Its research spans the international relations between producers and consumers of energy; the economic development of producing nationals and the geo-political aspects of all these issue alongside the economics and politics of the environment in relation to energy, including climate change. 

Components of the Program:

  • Share with KFAS Progress and Research Reports and all OIES publications.
  • Invite KFAS to attend the Institute’s annual ‘Brainstorming’ and any other meetings or seminars organised by OIES for its Members and Benefactors.
  • Invite KFAS to put forward candidates to attend the annual Oxford Energy Seminar where the practice is to give priority to nominations of suitable candidates from Benefactors and Members (subject to the discretion of the Director of the Oxford Energy Seminar).
  • Welcome, whenever mutually convenient, a member or members of KFAS staff or affiliates to spend a mutually agreed period on secondment at OIES with OIES research team on an appropriate research topic.
  • Publish three collaborative working papers, around 30 pages length, with at least three Kuwaiti researchers, covering topics essential to Gulf energy policy interests.
  • Host up to three Kuwaiti researchers per year as “Visiting Researchers” for a period of up to six months at the OIES.
  • Issue a special issue of the Oxford Energy Forum, the OIES’ quarterly academic journal dedicated to Middle East and GCC-specific energy themes.
  • Hold a dedicated one-day roundtable follow-up workshop, organised by OIES and KFAS and to be hosted in Kuwait.

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Contact: Dr. Bassam Fattouh, Director,    and

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