Launching KFAS “Innovation Challenge”

The KFAS Innovation Challenge is a blended learning experience taught over a period of six months. The program is centered around real business challenges, all of them requiring the competing teams to innovate. That challenge will be explored throughout the program phases and teams will apply their learnings to their final innovation projects.

The program starts in November of each year with webinars and workshops in Kuwait, followed by four months of mentoring on a bi-weekly basis. Mentoring will be provided by leading experts from the selected university on a yearly-basis – both virtually and in person – with a total of eight sessions scheduled from January to April. Teams will work on their Innovation Challenge with specific deliverables and are required to complete all of these in order to be allowed to compete in the final module, held at the university's campus and blending site visits to innovative companies with inspiring lectures.

    Innovation topics taught on the program include:
  •  Building organizational innovation capabilities
  •   Innovation leadership and high performing teams
  •   Value proposition design
  •  Service and process innovation
  •  Generating new business models
  •   Design thinking and innovation
  • Implementing innovation
    Innovation Challenge throughout the years:
  • The 2015 Innovation Challenge was in collaboration with  University of California, Berkeley
  • The 2016 Innovation Challenge was in collaboration with Cambridge University , United Kingdom
  • The 2017 Innovation challenge was in collaboration with Royal College of Art, London.

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