Dr. Adnan A. Shihab Eldin

Welcome to the official website of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS).

KFAS remains committed to delivering and embodying the vision of its founders, the late Amir HH Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and leaders of Kuwait’s private sector. Their prescience was simple: the sustainability and development of the country would depend on the advancement and integration of science, technology and innovation within every aspect of the Kuwaiti society. As much as they appreciated the economic security of oil revenues at that time, their wisdom led them to believe that knowledge, would be at the pinnacle of socioeconomic development in the future. And they were not wrong. Progression and growth today rely heavily on innovation and technology, and the KFAS symbolizes the pillar of knowledge that fosters national development through science, technology and innovation (STI).

This website serves as a window into KFAS’s ongoing activities and initiatives, keeping you informed on up to date information about the Foundation's current events, as well as past achievements, and future plans.

Here at KFAS, we are excited about our current five-year strategy, successfully launched in 2017, which builds on and strengthens our role as a catalyst to foster the development of STI within every aspect of the Kuwaiti society, in line with the Kuwait National Development Plan 2035.

Our strategic objectives are to enhance science, technology, and innovation targeting our four key stakeholders: the general public, with an emphasis youth, the scientific and research community and both the private and public sectors. To achieve our objectives, KFAS has developed various strategic programs and initiatives to promote STI knowledge through several means. For the society at large, this includes publishing scientific journals and sponsoring and organizing community events. By collaborating with a range of prestigious local and international institutions, the Foundation has been able to improve the quality of research activities and explore innovative solutions to key challenges of national priority.

KFAS also continues to help further develop and advance the private sector through investing in human capital and promoting research and development to foster innovation within the sector. A key element of KFAS’s new strategic plan focuses on supporting partnerships with local and renowned international institutions to help advance the national innovation ecosystem in Kuwait. KFAS has also established specialized centers that address national challenges and implement the Foundation’s strategic objectives through education, research and innovation.

As you visit this website, we hope that you are able to catch a glimpse of the various activities and initiatives that we have developed and continue to support. You can also find information on our numerous pioneering initiatives, including collaborations with international partners and with the private sector, training, individual development programs, and our educational projects. The site also features information on the prestigious prizes offered by KFAS and is intended to celebrate Kuwaiti and Arab scientists and their ground-breaking achievements at home and abroad. Most importantly, we hope this website captures the essence of the Foundation, a place of thinkers and doers, with dynamic, open, and inventive mindsets, as well as the dedication and passion needed to transform the country from the present to the future.

Thank you,

Dr. Adnan A. Shihab Eldin
Director General